Alan Blakeborough began training at the R.P.I College fencing club, which offered a beginning-fencing program for high
school students in the hopes of sending scholastic fencers to the New York State Empire State Games. Alan
Blakeborough began his
Alan Blakeborough went on to attend
Siena College in Albany, New York and started his first fencing club through the
ROTC program in 1986 The program became so successful that soon the College decided to open the program to all
students on the campus. It was here that Alan Blakeborough developed his military training style for fencing and began
taking up sabre as his primary weapon.

In 1992 Alan Blakeborough moved to Florida and begin the Knights of Siena Fencing Academy schools. In 1994 the
academy began sending students and instructors to national competitions to see how things were done on the national
level.  This is the philosophy that is the foundation for Knights of Siena Fencing Academies today.

In 1995 Alan Blakeborough moved back to New York to his hometown of Troy and began an incredible growth to grass
roots fencing which earned him an award from the United States Fencing Association in new member recruitment.(look
for the free fencing shoes in the trophy case) This growth included the creation of seven independent fencing facilities
in the Northeast.  Four of these facilities are currently still up and running but under different names now.   In 1996 Alan
Blakeborough won all three divsion championships; foil, epee, and sabre.

From 1992 the Knights of Siena Fencing Academy has been developing champions from the grass roots level.  The
Knights of Siena Fencing Academy has had students who have
won Divisional, State, Regional and National titles.  Alan
Blakeborough has built over 50 high school programs over the last 30 years.  Students from the Knights of Siena have
also gone on to many of the NCAA fencing programs throughout the United States.

In 1997 Alan Blakeborough and a group of forward thinking national and international fencers launched the first ever
Professional Fencing League (PFL).  The PFL was the first professional fencing league in the world and was was on
ABC for three months.  However, with opposition from the USFA the league could not continue financially and held it's
last event in April 1998.  The PFL is probably one of the most controversial moments in fencing history.  

1999 Alan Blakeborough open the first full time fencing facility in Charlotte, NC. It is here that he states. "I intend on
making the Queen City the US capital for the sport of Kings!".  The first wave of people that were trained to fence
nationally and to teach fencing were James Kinney, Brian Toomey, Todd Butcher and Bruce Juenst.  Today fencers in
Charlotte region have the opportunity to choose from many different fencing facilities. All have been the result of Alan
Blakeboroughs efforts to make the southeast a place where national level fencing can be achieved.  He achieved this
goal when the Knights of Siena won the 2006-2007 Open Men's Sabre Championship at US Nationals.  Today students
from the academy continue to win at the highest levels of national fencing.

In 2001 Alan Blakeborough retired from competing Nationally.  He returned to national competition in 2009 at the NAC in
Atlanta placing in the final eight the at his first veteran event, sabre.  It felt good to compete again he said to his son.

A listing of Alan Blakeborough competitive highlights and teaching credentials:

Competitive Highlights:

1992 Gold Coast Florida Division Sabre Champion
1993 Gold Coast Florida Division Sabre Champion
1994 Gold Coast Floridaa Division Sabre Champion
1994 US Olympic Festival Sabre Gold Medalist (Team)
1995 NAC II Foil Gold Medalist
1996 Hudson Berkshire Division Champion Foil/Epee/Sabre
1998 Professional Fencing League Foil Gold Medalist
1999 North Carolina State Sabre Champion
1999 Southeast Section Sabre Champion
1999 Bronze Medalist US Nationals Sabre
2000 North Carolina Foil State Foil Champion
2000 USFA US Nationals Foil Finalist
2004 Sword in the Summer Sabre Gold
2004 Tech Open Sabre Gold
2004 Clemsen Open Sabre Gold
2007 Sword in the Stone Sabre Gold
2007 Swordmaster Series Sabre Champion
2007 Southeast Sectionals Finalist
2007 North Carolina Epee State/Divisional Champion
2008 South Carolina Epee State/Divisional Champion
2009 NAC Altanta Vet Mixed Sabre Finalist
2010 NAC Summer National Vet Sabre Finalist

Teaching Credentials:

USFCA - Prevost

Lists of Coaches who have been taught by Alan Blakeborough:

Dan Bingham
Jay Choi
Tim Cosgrave
Brian Crowley
Eric Delarue
Bernie Desautel
Adam Devaney
Karen Blakeborough
Erik Hanson
Marcia Sullivan
Bruce Gillaman
Jeffrey Kallio
Steve Kamke
Jim Levandowski
Mary Mahon
Rodrick Meagher
Mike Polunchek
Roger Rice
Chris Stonestreet
Fred Stone
Brian Toomey
Steve Zakely
David Burns
Dan B-Y ( the last name is much longer but he knows who he is)
Rachel Oehring
Mike O'Connor
Bobby Ziechmann
Kevin McCloy
Matt Parmer Allison Benfield
Cadria Clymer
Matt Herndon
Stephen Flemings
Gabe Green
Greg Bean
Ken Murphy
Cindy Jolley
Charlie Creason
Mario Marino
Garrett Smith
Kevin Byrd
Sam McNine
Cameron Davis
Alan Jenkins
Sarah Mayes
Drew Pindak
Whit Stewart
Marshal Howard Jr.
Leah Six
Jarred Orange
Liesel Blakeborough
Mikeala Skelton