I am thinking of changing clubs, how does this work?

Not all programs are created equal.  Whether is it the times that someone offers the classes, the weapons that they
teach or how competitive the programs are, they are not all created equal.  Remember, they are only different, one
is not "right" and the other one "wrong".  Unfortunately, sometimes in the  fencing world by changing fencing clubs
you are inviting chaos into your competitive fencing life.  If you live in an area that has a Knights of Siena program
and are interested to see what we offer here is our advice on how you should investigate if a change in good for

1. Come and view a class talk to the students and the parents to see if the environment fits what you are looking for.

2. If you like what you see please take a class for free to see if our format fits your goals.

3. If you decide that you are going to leave your current program or do both, inform your current coach or
instructors that you are making a change.  If you feel uncomfortable in talking face to face with them, then we
advise you to write a letter.

4. It is considered rude in the fencing world to just "jump" ship and move to another school without the proper
thanks to those that have given you your start in the fencing world.

5. Finally, if you do change club affiliations and you have competed in a USFA competition over the course of the
year you cannot change your club affiliation until the beginning of the next season.  This matters for team
competitions at USFA tournaments.