In order to get the most out of the fencing experience.
own equipment.  Once the beginning classes are completed part
of for the remainder of their time with the Knights of Siena.  We
like to think of it as their family within a family.  As a member of
squad their successes will be shared with many and the burden
of the failure will be share by those on the team.  Each squad's
leader will help your child on their path to excellence until they go
off to college, our ultimate goal at the Knights of Siena.  

Here at the Knights of Siena we fence as individuals but we
know that in order to succeed we must train as a team.  "The is
no "I"in team, but there is a "we" in weapon".

Furthermore, with all these skills your child will have the best
opportunity to enroll in a NCAA fencing program if that is a goal
for you and your family.