The season is over and all I can say is WOW!  This season not only was the
high point for the NC lauch but was also the high point for the KOS groups.  This
season we took 26 medals at states, 5 medals at sectionals and 2 individual and
1 team gold at nationals.  We also had a lot of people get points to pre-qualify
for next seasons nationals.  Finally, we sent over 40 people to nationals with 5
coaches to shepard over the flock.  Below is the listing of our fencers results.
So, now we enter our pre-season and for us that means more training.  We have
6 more weeks of fencing camp to go.  If you are sitting at home reading this then
you should be registering for one of our camps.  Next season we enter a new
chapter in the KOS archives..... stay tuned.